Playtime Registration Form

Thanks for your interest in attending playtime at Chatswood Baptist Church!

Please fill out all the relevant information in the form below, regarding yourself, your partner (if relevant), any children attending and the carer actually attending with the child if not yourself.

Please note that we typically have long waiting lists for all three days as Playtime is very popular. We hope to be able to invite you along soon and when we are able to offer you a place we will get in touch.


Personal Information

Child and Carer Information

Tip: If you are not able to regularly attend playtime with your child, who will be the primary carer attending?

Details of any additional children attending

If you have more than 2 children you wish to register, please provide the same information as above: Name, Gender, DOB and any Allergies. 

(Note: you can only register your own children, and any children of friends or relatives must be registered and accompanied by their own parent or carer)

Registration and Attendance

Tip: Please indicate which days you would be able to attend (note: only one day will be offered)

Tip: You are welcome to come along on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for one free trial visit. You can get to know what happens at our playtime and meet our co-ordinator. Playtime runs from 10am - 12pm during the school terms.

Tip: If you haven't visited for a free trial then fill in the date above.

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